Monday, July 23, 2012

Lily's Bike Ride

Lily is going on a bike ride in the country. Lily's outfit is made of silk so it is soft and cars can see her better. Lily's shirt is long sleeved and a v-neck. Her pants look like old-time bloomers! At the bottom there is a little green ruffle. She has black flats. Now she can go bike riding!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Future Lulu

Little Lulu is in the future!! She has gadgets that we can only dream  of!!!  Little Lulu's  dress is made  of  silk, it has spaghetti straps, and a square neck line; the  dress  is  shaped  like  a  triangle! At the very bottom there is a little purple lace! Last but not least, the pattern was polkadots, Little Lulus favorite!! Time too blast off!!! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fall Leaves


Marcy went for a walk late at night, but she had to come home to change because her outfit was not cool enough and today was the first day of fall.  Her dress showcased fall.  It was a v neck with  long sleeves and it was red, orange, yellow and green!!

fancy fake finger nails!

 If you want to be very fancy fake finger nails are the thing for you! This is a super fun thing to do! This is something I just started wearing and I love it! Some people ( like my mom!) think it is tacky but when you wear them  you will think differently. Here are some to get you started ! Good luck!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summertime Picnic

May was going on a picnic. Her dress had puff sleeves and her neckline was square. Her dress was pink and red! 

At long last she was at Jojo's picnic place (it took her so long to get there because she was in high heels). 

When it  was over she called it the best picnic ever!!!!!!! 

watermelon fun!!!!!!

I wrote   on a watermelon!   I wrote   what it looked like and what I thought  it would taste like!     We had to wait 3 more days till we could eat it !!! But when we ate it, it tasted soooo good!!! Maybe  it was the words!!?    

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sea and Fire

Molly is the goddess of the sea and fire, two very different things.

Molly's dress has a big ruffle at the bottom and the top was a tank top and it had a belt. It was blue too!

Now she can go adventuring!

Ballerina Ball

Sally could do  ballet. Her  dress had a square neck line and a camisole top and to her it was made of silk. 

Sally danced all night.

Dancing in the Rain

Jojo was caught in the rain but instead of crying, she started to dance!

Jojo's dress had puff sleeves and a v-neckline and near the bottom a little ruffle. Last but not least, she had high heels.